Saved NY

72 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003


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Designed in New York

made by hand in Mongolia


Sean McNanney is a Brooklyn based artist and designer most recently for Ralph Lauren Home. Drawing upon his background in textiles, and inspired by the traditions of Mongolian nomadic culture, he has created a collection of quality throws, pillows and blankets dedicated to providing luxurious warmth to the curated home.

The SAVED collection brings old world traditions into the new with unique designs influenced by Victorian ephemera, French ironwork and early 20th century textiles.  Each item is hand-crafted in fine, sustainably sourced Mongolian Yak Down, Cashmere and Camelhair.  Designed to be loyal and lasting - A Warm Friend.


A Warm Friend


Yaks have been a vital and revered part of the Mongolian nomadic household for hundreds of years.  An exceptional creature, the Yak survives the extreme steppe terrain and harsh Mongolian winters by producing a cashmere-like downy layer to it's skin.  Shed in the summer months, herders harmlessly collect the soft fiber by combing the animal.  Naturally hypoallergenic, Yak down is emerging on the luxury textile market and is an excellent choice for sensitive skin.


Mongolian cashmere is a celebrated luxury fiber unique to the complex and dramatic landscape from which it comes.  Like the Yak, the Hircus Goat grows a fine, warm and lightweight undercoat beneath its coarser hair in order to survive the colder seasons of its hostile home environment.  Once a year, in Spring, nomadic goat herders harvest the fleece not by shearing but by gently combing the animals and carrying on a tradition of producing some of the finest Cashmere the world has to offer.


The Mongolian nomad has a special appreciation for the, at times ornery, two-humped Bactrian camel. Across the Gobi desert mountains, dunes and broad plains, few species can survive the blistering heat and brutal cold these animals do. Once again, survival dictates the creation of special insulation, a soft fine underlayer of hair.  Shed throughout late Spring and early Summer, durable and lustrous camel hair wool is still collected the traditional way, hand-gathered by nomadic herders sweeping over the land.